Stephen J. Lifshatz, Chief Financial Officer at FleetMatics Group PLC (NYSE:FLTX) disclosed today the disposal of 5,000 shares in two separate and equal transactions on October 30, 2014. The first sale involved 2,500 shares at a weighted average unit price of $34.5712, and the second at a weighted average unit price of $35.0492. Mr. Lifshatz has now sold stock for the seventh time since January this year, and directly owns a total of 64,468 shares.

James M. Travers, Chief Executive Officer at FleetMatics Group PLC (NYSE:FLTX) has also been trading the company’s stock.  Mr. Travers sold a total of 75,000 shares in five separate transactions since January this year, at prices ranging from $36.08 to $40.22, and now owns a total of 109,653 shares.

Matthew A. Weatherbie’s Weatherbie Capital is the largest shareholding institution (amongst those we track) at FleetMatics Group PLC (NYSE:FLTX) with a total of 474,759 shares, valued at an estimate $15 million, after reporting a 5% stock increment for the second filling period of 2014.

FleetMatics Group PLC (NYSE:FLTX) is a provider of fleet management solutions delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Disclosure: The author, Jodor Jalit, holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned.

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