Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s F-Series pick-up truck, F-150 has been the best-selling pick-up truck in US for the past 32 years.  In May, the engineers in Ford came up with an idea to replace the steel body in F-150 with a full Aluminum body. This helps in reducing the weight of the truck, with increased efficiency and without compromising for the performance of the vehicle.  FBN’s Jeff Flock talked to F-150 marketing manager, Eric Peterson about the F-150 and advantages of the Aluminum body.

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Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has introduced and displayed the new F-150 pick-up truck with aluminum body to the people at Romeo, Michigan. They kicked off a 26 city tour across the country to introduce the new pick-up truck to people. Peterson said that they have not done any similar launch of new vehicles before.

The new F-150’s were run over the silver creek to test the durability of the vehicles. Peterson pointed out that this test is the ultimate durability test for the pick-up truck. He assured that the new modification has not impacted the toughness of the vehicle. He said that if the vehicle is not tough enough for a pick-up truck, it might not do well in the market. He pointed at the planned 10 million miles testing to prove that the new F-150 is the toughest pick-up truck available in the market.

Since Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s F150 was the best seller in US for past three decades, many would question their decision to tinker with the successful model. But, Peterson thinks that the changes made would only enhance the vehicle.

“[…] When we take 700 pounds of weight out of the truck, we can give the customer more capability, more toying and that is what truck guys really want, along with better efficiency,” Peterson said.

The people were allowed to drive the brand new F-150 along with the similar product from other companies like Chevvy Silverado, GM Sierra and RAM 1500. Peterson said that the intention is to give confidence to customers that the new vehicle is just as capable as the older version of F-150.

Peterson pointed out that the material used in the new vehicles are the high strength military grade aluminum alloy, which would allow increase in thickness due to lower density and increases the toughness.

Flock mentioned that the Silverado with the top ripped off weighs almost equal to the new F-150. He also said that the new F-150, even with the reduced weight has similar or better handling and toying capability. He mentioned that the Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) are betting the new F-150 to be a huge hit in the market.

Peterson also said that the price of the new model with aluminum is almost comparable to older models with $26000 for basic model and $42000 for the high end model.

Among the shareholders for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is Citadel Investment Group, managed by Ken Griffin. As of 30 June, 2014, they hold around 5.9 million Ford shares.

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