Four Board Directors at Procera Networks Inc (PKT) Were Awarded With 5,730 Shares Each


Four Board Directors at Procera Networks Inc (NASDAQ:PKT) Scott McClendon, Alan B. Lefkof, Mary Losty and Staffan Hillberg, declared today that the company awarded each of them with 5,730 shares of Common Stock. This award represents a restricted stock unit (‘RSU’) of common stock, within the Company’s Equity Incentive Plan, released in 2007.

“One quarter of the shares subject to the RSU award shall vest on the first business day of each full fiscal quarter after the date of grant, subject to the director’s continuous service with the Company through the applicable vesting date”, (SEC).

Following these transactions Miss Losty owns 173,249 shares of Procera Networks Inc (NASDAQ:PKT); Mr. Hillberg, 16,295 shares; Mr. Lefkof, 10,844 shares, and Mr. McClendon, 34,556 shares.

In addition, Constantinos J. Christofilis Archon Capital Management increased its stake is Procera Networks Inc (NASDAQ:PKT) by 38% over the last reported quarter, and now holds more than 1.95 million shares, worth over $20 million. This position accounts for more than 5% of the fund’s equity portfolio.

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