General Electric Company (GE) Insider William Beattie Buys 10,000 Shares


William Beattie, Director at the General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), completed an acquisition of 10,000 shares of Common Stock today. The purchase was executed in two steps, first buying 6,600 shares, indirectly through a holding company, and for a price of $26.02 per share. The remaining 3,400 shares were also purchased indirectly, but by the insider’s family, and at a price of $25.99 per share. This is Beattie’s first stock acquisition of the quarter, as his last purchase dates back to January of fiscal 2014, when he bought 4,000 shares of Common Stock.

However, this quarter showed some interesting developments amongst hedge fund holdings, with a few new shareholding positions contrasting the vast decreases in General Electric’s portfolio activity. Warren Buffett’s hedge fund, Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the few that remained stagnant this quarter, holding its position as third largest shareholder, with over 10.5 million company shares, worth $274 million. And in spite of having decreased the firm’s portfolio activity by 2%, Ken Fisher’s Fisher Asset Management remains the largest shareholder, with 29.4 million shares, worth $761.9 million.

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