General Motors Company (GM) Becomes Another Victim of Chinese Antitrust Laws


The Chinese Government has targeted foreign companies as part of its antitrust investigation for quite some time, especially U.S. companies and General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is one of their latest target. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) said on Tuesday that it has been contacted by the authorities in China as part of their antitrust investigation into foreign automakers. Olivia Sterns reported on China’s new crusade against General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) on Bloomberg earlier today.

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“General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is the latest target of regulators in China. Shanghai GM says it has talked with anti-trust officials there. Audi and Chrysler are already facing penalties for breaking the country’s monopoly law. The probes on U.S. car companies are prompting suggestions that China is trying to force down prices,” Sterns said.

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