GMO Stocks To Invest In Now


What exactly is a GMO (genetically modified organism)? A GMO is an organism generated by genetic engineering procedures that alter an organism’s genetic structure, resulting in genes that can be crossed across species or transferred between species within the same class. Small farmers can now fulfill their full potential and engage in sustainable agricultural methods thanks to genetically modified organisms. Biotechnology must be used for faster agricultural harvests to close the gap in global food shortages. As the world’s population grows, the amount of land suitable for farming will decrease. In 2017, the global market for GMO crops was estimated to be worth $24.6 billion. Over the projected period of 2018-2025, this segment of the worldwide agriculture business is expected to rise to $46.9 billion, with a CAGR of 8.41 percent.

Insider Monkey highlighted the 10 GMO stocks to invest in now. In May 2016, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft paid $66 billion for Monsanto, an American pesticide and biotechnology company. Bayer CropScience is a branch of Bayer CropScience that specializes in food genetic engineering and sells genetically modified rice and grains. Origin Agritech Limited is a Chinese rice, corn, and canola seed supplier. The firm works in agricultural biotechnology, enhancing seeds with indigenous germplasm that has a lengthy breeding history. It has earned a Bio-Safety Certificate for its GMO maize seeds, which have passed all five steps of the GM approval procedure. BASF SE, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, is the world’s largest chemical company. To improve plant nutrition and quality, the business has purchased multiple gene editing techniques. In the United States and the United Kingdom, Amflora, a genetically engineered starch potato, is commercially marketed. Yield10 Bioscience, Inc. is an American firm that develops superior agricultural yield and plant protection technologies. To improve genetic features for the agriculture and food industries, the business uses its distinct trait gene discovery platform. Calyxt, Inc., based in Roseville, Minnesota, is a synthetic biology firm. Natural product chemistries, metabolomics, genomics, and gene expression technologies are all used in the company’s research. In the last month, the stock has risen by more than 10%. For more details, click 10 GMO Stocks To Invest In Now.