Google Inc (GOOGL) Glass Can Change Our Societies : CrowdOptic CEO Jon Fisher


CrowdOptic, maker of mobile and wearable broadcasting solutions had a great success in its “See What I See” technology through which, a person can stream his vision live onto any other device like mobile, PC or tablet. CrowdOptic has partnered with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to enhance this amazing technology. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Glass provides multiple open source technologies to refine and revamp third party apps and services to offer different streaming based services to users. Discussing the future of Google Glass and its penetration in the society in a program on CNBC, CrowdOptic CEO, Jon Fisher, and investor, Ray Lane, said that Google Glass is bound to make its way into the mainstream society because of its features and potential to benefit people.

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“You are broadcasting, I am inheriting your view, I can inherit the view of a low orbiting satellite, or a drone or any device, and I can put on my smart glasses and search the real world in real time,” said Fisher.


Ray Lane said that there is no end to the capabilities of Google Glass and CrowdOptic’s technology of live streaming. Lane thinks that it can benefit enterprises, security domain and sports sector in the future. He said that the basic necessity for any technology to grow is a strong platform. He was quite optimistic about Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Glass and CrowdOptic’s future.

“I think the important thing about this technology is we have to be comfortable not knowing, it will find its home, in the most interesting….., an Enterprise may pick it up and say we can use Google Glass in this picker application, to change our business[…],” said Lane.

Answering a question about Google Glass privacy issues, Fisher said that privacy is an important aspect to look for and things will improve with time.

“I think privacy is certainly an issue but I think we as a society are gonna have to adjust for the better good, again with these devices, we can, in some cases have super human powers and I think that’s quite an offset to any privacy issue,” said Fisher.

Experts said that there will be some issues in the deep social adaption process of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Glass in the society but by time things will get smooth because of the immense benefits and sophistication of this technology.

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