Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is taking the driverless technology to another level after it emerged its cars would be able to choose what to hit, in case of an accident. During an interview on Bloomberg, Udacity CEO, Sebastian Thrun, said that the cars have been programmed to considerably limit the damage on people in the car as well as on the outside.

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“Right now we’ve programmed the car never to get into situations where it could possibly kill five people. If it happens that there is a situation where the car couldn’t escape, it’ll go for the smaller thing. If there are two things to hit, it will hit the smaller thing,” said Mr. Thrun.

The cars according to Thrun have also been programmed to detect different things in the environment, an ability that will be essential in scenarios where the car has to choose what to hit. The car’s ability to identify different objects means it will at all times try to avoid hitting people in an accident considerably limiting damages or even fatalities.

“It knows different categories, it knows about bicycles, it knows about pedestrians it knows about cars,” said Mr. Thrun.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) can achieve anything with its driverless technology attributed to its research labs that are staffed with some of the finest talents and brains able to achieve anything when provided with the necessary resources. It is still unclear whether the giant search engine company will opt to license the technology to other automakers or venture into the actual manufacturing process.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) remains focused than ever on making the driverless technology a reality an undertaking that it can achieve with ease taking into consideration its huge financial base. The giant search engine company has been on a rampage in tapping some of the finest talents across the motor industry as it seeks to set the pace with the driverless technology.

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