Google Inc (GOOGL)’s Ray Kurzweil on Human-Level Computer Intelligence


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has been a company that has worked continuously towards making the software and computing better and closure to human psychology. Ray Kurzweil, director of Engineering at the No.1 brand in the world was confident that the barrier between humans and computers would be reduced sooner.

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CNBC’s Bob Pisani was reporting on this and about his entire discussion with the director of Engineering at Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). Kurzweil said that the way we live and work is going to change pretty soon with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is currently working on a Natural language search engine where a user would be able to talk to the world’s best search engine and all this within a few years. The timeline Kurzweil set for working on this and making computers human-level intelligent is 2029 i.e., 15 years from now. Here is what he said exactly:

“Computers will be at human levels such that you can have an emotional relationship with them in 15 years from now, 2029.”

Kurzweil said that personalized 3D printing for clothing would be ready by 2020 and that solar power is underrated. Power is doubling every couple of years and he thinks solar is going to be a big force within the next few years. Remember that Google is one of the owners of the world’s biggest solar power plant in Nevada.

In the context of medicine, Kurzweil said that within a few years, we will understand diseases like cancer and will reprogram ourselves away from these diseases.

The era of personal digital assistants is near and within a few years, 25% of the US population will have their own personal digital assistant.

Google is currently among the top five stocks loved by investors and is considers the top brand in the world. Cantillon Capital Management holds about 405,000 thousand shares and Platinum Asset Management owns approximately 350,000 shares, as of the end of March.

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