Green Dot Corporation (GDOT) Director Timothy Greenleaf Sells 25,709 Shares


On Friday, Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT)’s Director Timothy Greenleaf unloaded 25,709 shares of Class A Common Stock. The sale was executed indirectly through the Greenleaf Family Trust, of which the insider is the trustee, and the shares were sold at a weighted average price of $20.02 per share. This is the insider’s third stock disposition of the fiscal year so far, as he unloaded 50,000 shares of Common Stock in April for a price of $20.11 per share and 50,000 shares in January for $24.30 per share. Following Friday’s sale, Greenleaf now owns a total of 244,245 company shares.

Furthermore, this quarter showed several active insiders at the $738.3 million market cap bank holding firm, such as Steven Streit. The Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer disposed of 10,500 shares of Common Stock in June, for a price of $17.72 per share, in addition to various other sales executed throughout the month.

Regarding hedge fund holdings, Malcolm Fairbairn’s Ascend Capital entered a new shareholder position in March by purchasing 375,000 shares, with an estimated value of $7.3 million.

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