Chong Guk Kum, President and Chief Executive Officer at Hanmi Financial Corp (NASDAQ:HAFC), purchased 8,750 shares of Common Stock, directly, on Friday, paying a price of $20.95 per share. This is Kum’s first stock acquisition of the fiscal year so far, and following the transaction the insider now owns a total of 87,403 company holdings.

Apart from the CEO’s purchase, this year showed several small insider trades at the $671.9 million market cap bank, such as David Rosenblum’s acquisition in May. The company Director bought 5,000 shares of Common Stock at the beginning of the month, paying a price of $21.92 per share.

Furthermore, this quarter showed several changes amongst hedge fund portfolios, as some increased and others decreased Hanmi’s participation. John Brennan’s Sirios Capital Management increased the firm’s portfolio activity by 117% and now owns 877,853 shares, with a value of $20.4 million. However, the largest shareholder remains Renaissance Technologies, Jim Simons’ hedge fund, which augmented the company’s activity by 31% this quarter and now holds a total of over 1 million shares, worth $23.6 million.

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