Hershey Co (HSY) Awards Director Robert Cavanaugh With Shares Of Common Stock


Director at Hershey Co (NYSE:HSY) F Robert Cavanaugh has recently been awarded with 286 shares of common stock, worth $100.49 each. Following this transaction, Mr. Cavanaugh owns 39,308 shares at this $21.59 Billion Market Cap Company.

Insider acquisitions haven’t been very frequent at this company. Actually, the last reported purchase was during Q1 2012, when Director James Mead bought 500 shares, at a price of $60.75 per share.

Moreover, important hedge funds are active at Hershey Co (NYSE:HSY). Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies is the fund with the largest stake at this chocolate producer company. It owns 4,498,674 shares, worth above $469 million, accounting for 1.12% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. David Harding’s Winton Capital Management, by his part, holds 896,472 shares, worth about $93 million, and represents 0.64% of its Equity Portfolio.

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