High Beta Dividend Stocks To Buy


The stock market’s and individual stocks’ volatility is becoming increasingly vital to monitor if one desires to profit or protect oneself from financial losses. This is because the Beta value of a stock has a significant impact on the risk management of any stock portfolio compared to the rest of the market. The beta is determined using a formula that compares the price risk of a security to a benchmark. A beta of 1 indicates that the stock moves in lockstep with the benchmark, whereas a beta of -1 indicates it moves in the other direction. During market downturns, the same high-beta stocks tend to underperform. One week per quarter, high-beta equities are likely to outperform the market. Traders should only gamble on these stocks during the weeks when the earnings season is normally the busiest. On LEADs, a hybrid trading strategy uses bets on beta and bets against beta on other days.

Insider Monkey takes a look at the 10 high beta dividend stocks to buy. Boston Properties, Inc. is a publicly-traded office property developer in the United States. The business is run as a real estate investment trust (REIT). It has a varied office portfolio of 51.2 million square feet and 196 sites. Another real estate investment trust on our list of high beta dividend stocks to purchase is Welltower Inc. The firm makes healthcare infrastructure investments. It is the world’s largest healthcare REIT, with an enterprise value of $50 billion as of the start of 2021. The corporation is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and is one of the major shopping center and grocery store operators in the United States. On the list of high beta dividend stocks to buy, Eastman Chemical Company came in eighth. Chevron Corporation is a business that deals with energy. In the second quarter of 2021, 50 hedge funds out of 873 had $4.3 billion in Chevron Corporation holdings. The company was owned by 41 hedge funds in the previous quarter, with a total stake worth $2.9 billion. Eastman Chemical Firm is a chemical company based in the United States. On the list of high beta dividend stocks to purchase, it ranks sixth. The company was previously a Kodak subsidiary but now operates as a specialty materials company. For more details, click 10 High Beta Dividend Stocks To Buy.