Best Film Schools in The World in 2018

The claim that the golden age of cinema has passed is quite disagreeable. More movie studios exist today than ever before, and independent or indie options abound. You can get movies from independent producers that won’t ever be box office successes but will nonetheless hit all the right notes. Studios create a recipe for box office success and frequently keep using it. The Transformers series, which has been largely derided by critics, is a stark example. Superhero movies account for four of the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time (without accounting for inflation). A 1945 ticket that cost $1 may cost $15 now. This is why it’s crucial to account for inflation when talking about the highest-grossing films of all time.

Insider Monkey highlights the 25 highest-grossing movies of all time. Actors Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum starred in the 1996 sci-fi film about aliens coming and destroying Earth. The movie has continued to leave a lasting impression more than 25 years later. The Return of the King, the concluding volume of what is arguably the best trilogy ever, brought J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga to a grand finale. It’s also one of the lengthiest films on our list of the highest-grossing films ever, adjusted for inflation, with a runtime of 201 minutes. The Avengers, which initially united the most powerful superheroes from Marvel to battle Loki, was a huge success in 2012. One of the best books ever written is Ben-Hur, and the 1955 release of the film adaptation of the same name. In addition to being an overwhelming box office success, it established the record for the most Academy Award victories. Star Wars Episode I, which debuted in 1999 and has the lowest IMDB rating, was very polarizing. For more details, click the 25 Highest-Grossing Movies Of All Time.