Even if you are not into the history, there are some history documentaries you need to see in order to realize what brought us where we are now.

History documentaries have two purposes: they are both entertainment and informational. The truth is that each country has its own version of some event and, in their scenarios, they are usually victims that only tried to fight the crimes committed against the humanity and their nation. The thing that makes it all worse is that the other countries that were either involved or influenced by some event that, at the first sight, didn’t have anything to do with it, has its own, third version of the story. So, at the end, who should you believe?

The truth is, as far as wars are concerned, each country involved with it has its own story, but also committed some crime that wasn’t in the description of the war. But, everything’s allowed in the love or war, right? Think again, it isn’t. For example, how many innocent civilians were killed, took for labor, or raped. How many children have their graves, or have their bones rot in someone else’s or the mass grave, where no one even knows their names, but only the monument for the entire nation. How many children were killed while they were potty trained? How many men were killed just because they had to go to the store to take some bread and milk to feed their families? How many priests were killed while praying? How many doctors lost their life while trying to save someone else’s? And the people who got the least injuries were the ones that caused all of these messes. They fought each other verbally and made the whole nations rise against each other because of their personal conflicts. Each one of them were highly secured, as well as their families and other higher ranked and influenced people, while the ones that weren’t involved with politics at all and minded their own business the whole time lost their homes and families, or even worse, their life. Some of them got killed just because they exist. If that isn’t insane, I don’t know what is. But maybe we can all find the answer in some of the 11 best history documentaries on YouTube?