How Amazon Makes Money


Amazon company was developed in the year 1994. As opposed to the common belief, this is now showing that Jeff Bezos contained the rags to riches story which everyone will love particularly in the USA. After all, the American Dream and the Land of the Free all appear to aim towards the single fact that if a person works hard, no matter if he is from the USA or any other country, will gain success. It is perhaps also why it is ascribed to a few of the popular and richest individuals in the USA and rest of the world, comprising Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates who has a rich and strong background which offers him every opportunity which others can’t easily get. Of course, this is not showing that their achievements and struggles are not of worth, no matter that your background is how much privileged, generating billions of dollars is not an easy task. So, here we are going to discuss some of the ways through which Amazon is making money. We are sharing the list of resources on the basis of the post shared by Insider Monkey about How Amazon Makes Money

The first one on our list is Amazon Pharmacy. This is amongst the newest launches made by Amazon. This was started in November 2020 and resulted in turning the entire healthcare sector upside down. Few of the key rivals of Amazon in this field include Walgreen and CVS Health as both of them have suffered due to the announcement made by Amazon on entering the healthcare industry. Subscriptions are provided by the company to those who are subscribers to Amazon Prime with quick and free delivery within 2 days of order placement. While this is too early to predict the influence that will be made by Amazon, but on the basis of history, this can be a big one. The next item on the list is Whole Foods which is the chain of supermarkets highly famous in the USA and is basically engaged in the selling of healthy items that do not contain artificial products and preservatives. There are more than 500 stores of Whole Foods in the USA and around 7 stores working in the UK and the customer base of the company is very strong as the consciousness of people regarding healthy products has increased. This company was acquired by Amazon in 2017 which was the time period when the company was struggling with attracting customers and was closing most of its stores. This acquisition assisted Amazon in maximizing its physical appearance. 

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How Amazon Makes Money