How Can Animals Affect Sick Children?


Parents tend to keep their children safe from any kind of dangerous, which, besides life-threatening ones, also include germs, flies, dust, and most frequently, animal’s hair. Sometimes, they are too afraid for their little angels, and sometimes, there is an influence of their parents, grandparents, cousins, or any other people from their surroundings who supposed to know best. Some couples, who already had a pet before the girl got pregnant, tend to research this topic in order to find a way and an argument to keep their fluffy children in their homes. The biggest argument of them all is how animals can affect sick children.
As a proud parent of 18-months-old boy and a proud owner of 4 dogs, I can say that I couldn’t be happier. I was afraid at first how the smallest one will welcome my newborn and how the newborn will affect my dog who was my sleeping buddy for the last 7 years. This turned out to be great. When my child is a sleep, dogs are always around him looking for him not to fall from his bed. When he started walking, they were always near him to lie in front of him as a cushion when he leaned down. The bigger ones even stay at the top of the stairs so they can block the kid when he walks towards the stairs.
And the best perk of having a pet around children, at least according to my experience and all the research I did, is when they are sick.  When my child is ill and nervous, our dogs do anything they can to calm him down and let him do anything he wants to them. He even sleeps on them sometimes and they only turn themselves to make him more comfortable.
Dogs are really incredible species. They are sensitive, full of love, generous and very tolerate when it comes to children. Many specialists recommend getting a pet  as a therapy for both adults and children, especially autistic ones. All the breeds can be thought to behave right, it all depends of owner, but these 11 best therapy dog breeds for autistic children are recommended from specialists worldwide.