Like being a teacher wasn’t hard enough, some teachers go even further in their willingness to help and educate children that they decide to bite their lips and start working with disordered children. So how challenging the special education teacher’s job is? The simplest answer can be: too hard. But let’s not be that harsh and leave people with the short answers only, and try to explain what the dedication of special education teachers means to the society.
Being a teacher of any kind requires a lot of patience, dedication, and knowledge. Besides being the good educator, the one has to be a good psychologist, sociologist, and both parent and friend to all of his or her students. You think being the mother of twins is difficult? Well, try being the mother of 50 children with totally different personalities. No way, right? But teachers manage it. One class of 30 students contains 30 different histories, 30 different personalities, 30 different emotions per a day, and more than 30 problems to face every day.
But if the one decides to move his or her career to the next level and start working with children with special needs, the job actually doubles. If you thought that the regular school was hard to work in and that you had to deal with too many different little people, this radical change will help you realize how your job was actually easy until recently.
Each child in this program has different needs and has to enjoy your full attention during classes. This is why many classes are held by several people instead of only one.  Just to be clear, these children aren’t stupid. They just need a bit more help to be on their own. These children are suffering from all kind of different disabilities. They can be physical, mental, and emotional.
Some of them get the things straight right away but have a problem when it comes to speaking, which is why you’ll need to adjust your class and questioning for grades when it’s them on the target. Also, no matter which disability the child is facing, you have to be very tolerating with him. They are just like other kids, but a bit slower.
You will also have students that can talk without any impediment but are a bit physically incapable of holding a pen properly, which means that taking each written exam will be a next challenge for them. Just to make clear, this job is a lot more satisfying than the regular teaching job. When you see your disabled student score more than they used to and realize that you are the main reason for their improvement, there actually isn’t a bigger reward. But let’s now take a look at Insider Monkey’s article to find out what are 20 best states for special education teachers.