How Connected the Religion Is to Science?


While religion and science have a totally different approach to things because of different beliefs, they still have some things in common. So how connected the religion is to science?
Scientific and religious beliefs are based on completely different facts. While science is all about the proven facts and the things that we are able to smell, feel, touch, see, or taste, religion is based on the unproven, in some way magical facts.
Due to the more advanced scientific researchers, the atheism seems to be on the rise. Religion came as a result of people being unable to explain some events and needed a faith that everything would be better some day because there is someone looking after them. The God is a fictive character without any flaws and he is the mighty leader who should be respected and prayed to every night. But religious people are not that clean as they are supposed to. Each religious follower believes that his religion is the only right religion in the world. Every other is either satanic or unrealistic, which is why there were so many wars in the past several centuries. Even though they aren’t that frequent nowadays, there is still a group making a great effort to extinct every other religion that is out there. But we’ll talk about that some other time. Now, we need to focus on the link between the religion and science.
Because of the different aim, people might think that scientists are against the whole religion thing, but the truth is that, like there is no religion out there forbidding you to practice science, there isn’t a science bullet proof consisting banning the religion out of someone’s life.
Believing in God is the individual thing and there is nothing that can stop you from it, just like there isn’t anything that can make you believe. But there are people who start believing in the Mighty after some big turn off in their life. When people are on their death bed or have some terrible accident, sometimes, when there is no scientific proof that they will make it, they turn to the magic. They start believing that there will be a miracle that will save them or their loved ones from misery. If you didn’t think that’s possible, there are at least 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God that can reassure you. Read the Insider Monkey’s research material and find out what made them make this crucial decision in their life.