How Damaging and Destructive Gay Conversion Camps Are?


Gay conversion camps are led by religious organizations, but the therapy doesn’t have anything to do with the ones you watch on TV. While TV shows are based on praying away the gay, reality is much different. In those gay conversion camps, patients are fed up with lies and tortured both physically and mentally. Official therapy in those camps was a shock therapy and it lasted until 1973. Shock therapies actually looked like this: There were several pictures shown to the patient, and based on the patient’s gender, some of them were neutral and some were stimuli. Every time was stimuli shown, patients would be shocked via electrodes. For males, stimuli was a picture of a man, for female, stimuli was a picture of a woman. It is obvious that some people will never accept the fact that some people are born with the love and desire for the same gender. And if their love is pure and grounded on the trust, why would it be forbidden if it makes them happy?

Every priest will tell you that you are entitled to freedom of speak, love, move, and be yourself. But obviously, this doesn’t stand for the LGBT community. Those religious organizations try to wash people’s brains out and make them believe that they are not who they think they were their whole life. That they just imagined loving someone, that they just imagined their own characteristics and desires, and that they don’t actually know who they are. This stuff really messes someone’s mind and there are too many cases where people needed real therapy after those camps.

The worse thing is, there are camps for children and they worked in a bit different, but a much worse way. People who work with children are making them be afraid of who they are by telling them stories about killing and torturing gay people, and that, if they don’t change themselves, they would be haunted their whole life and murdered in most brutal ways. And what do you think, in what do those children grow up?

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