How Dangerous Six Flags Ride Can Be?


Six Flags Entertainment Corp is worldwide known amusement park that gathers 300 million customers annually. Many of them really aren’t aware of the fact how dangerous six flags rides can be.
The most dangerous ride, when I was a kid, were crushing cars. They weren’t exactly dangerous, but the most aggressive. But as the time passed, every corporation related to entertainment industry kept looking for the more unusual ways to gain more money and, as it turned out, the more dangerous some ride is, the more money it gets. For some reason, when people go to some amusement park, they become masochists, willing to risk their life for any price, or expecting a stroke or a heart attack.
We will present you 7 worst Six Flags accidents including death in 2013 in the sequel. But first, let’s take a look at the worst year in the last decade for the entertainment companies such as Six Flags, 2016. Because of all the accidents happened whether because of the negligence, badly maintained rides or just the bad luck, Six Flags suffered a big loss in August of 2016, where there was a slide of the shares by 13%. Giving the circumstances that starting an entertainment park initially costs up to $100 million. Unfortunately, the stock fall was not the worst thing that happened to the Six Flags. Six Flags in Kansas will remember 2016 by the tragic death of 10-year-old boy who died on a water slide, the employees in Tennessee will be reminded of the 6-year-old girl every time they pass by a ferris wheel, and Pennsylvania should never forget their youngest, 3-year-old roller coaster victim.
Obviously, 2016 wasn’t the first year of accidents for Six Flags. The Revolution Roller Coaster tragedy is placed back in 1996 when a woman working on the roller coaster slipped after she wanted to cross over tracks. Unfortunately, she fell into a pit beneath the tracks, where she was struck by the ride.
This is only one of the 7 worst Six Flags accidents including a death in 2013, which wasn’t actually anyone’s fault. But not everyone lost their life this way. See it for yourself and think twice before you join the ride.