How Developed Is the Educational System in Africa?


For quite some time people are making efforts to help Africa to improve their country on every possible level. Since it is among the poorest countries in the world, they are doing hard to get them all the appliances they need to survive every day and enough drug supplies and doctors to treat them and save as much life’s as possible. But what about the education? How developed is the educational system in Africa?
Well, just like with the Medical and Financial help, there are also people from all around the globe willing to help out. There are many book donations as well as teachers willing to give up their high salaries to move to Africa and teach both children and adults at least basics.
Of course, there are also well-developed countries in Africa that don’t require this kind of help and manage to aim and score high with the sources they already own.
The organization that is most aware and included in resolving this kind of problems is UNESCO. According to their statistics, only the small percentage of citizens in African countries are completing the tertiary level of education, which is nothing in compare to any European, or Asian country.
But to be fair, we already mentioned that there are also countries that managed to develop their educational system and bring it to the next level. Some of these can even compare to other countries’ successes all around the globe, which leads us to the next conclusion: African people are mostly used to labor, which is why, in most cases, the level of education doesn’t have any value for them. To be honest, it is not their fault. They are just thought to live and function this way. But if we would manage to increase their awareness of the importance of the education in general, they might even beat most of the countries in this field. But let’s take a look at 10 most educated countries in Africa as examples and brainstorm some ideas while we are there.