How Did Dinosaurs Extinct?


Archeologists found the great resources and fossils of these extraordinary creatures few decades ago. They managed to even to categorize them and declare the specific of each of the dinosaur specie in general. But one question still remains unanswered: how did dinosaurs extinct?
Most of archeologists and historians agree that there was a meteor that fall onto the Earth and cleaned up every single living creature on it. In their theory, this was actually some kind of complete cleaning that made room for the flora and fauna that we are surrounded nowadays.
The one thing they disagree on about this particular theory is whether dinosaurs extinct before or after the meteor fall. While some of them claim that practically the purpose of the meteor was to clean up all the mess on Earth, which resulted in the extinction of the whole flora and death of all the living creatures including every dinosaur that ever walked on Earth.
On the other hand, there are theorists that claimed that the death of dinosaurs was the result of the volcano’s eruptions. We also have here separate views of the event. While there are the ones claiming that the lava by itself cleaned the Earth, there are, on the other hand, theorists who claim that there was choked by the smoke caused by the eruptions.
Still, all of these claims are just clauses for now since there is no real and touchable proof. The remains that were found under the ground and dust that provided the evidence of the dinosaurs’ existence and their way of live didn’t help that further from there, which is why there are so many different documentaries out there collecting the facts and traveling along with investigators to find out the whole truth and share it with the wider audience. If you want to find out their reveals by now and have an entertaining educational movie night with your family, try out with some of the 6 best dinosaur documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube that Insider Monkey’s research team collected for now.