How Does the Fingerprint Sensor on Your Smartphone Work?


There is a worldwide known commercial on every TV program. A woman tries to sneak in and read her husband’s text messages, but none of the passwords seem to be working. Then, she remembered that he always uses his fingerprint to unlock the screen. Somehow, she failed again and gave up at the end.  What was the catch at the end? A puppy’s claw. Now seriously, do you know how does the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone work?

I was astonished when I first saw this fingerprint thing. I watched a lot of SCI-FI movies where all the passwords were either hand or eye sensors, but it never occurred that it would be available in our pockets. Since people’s smartphones became a lot more than a device that only has a purpose of making calls and texting, but that tiny piece of plastic became the storage of our whole life. Besides contacts and texts, you now have your diaries, schedules, college apps, college notes, bank accounts, pictures and videos, personal data, and so much more. In order to storage all of this, smartphone developers had to rearrange some features and make smartphones more usable with more memory and smaller databases so it wouldn’t take that much space or time.
But this wasn’t enough. Since you are now able to have your whole life in only one 5 inch device, you need to find the best way to protect it. There are several ways that smartphone developers tried so far and, honestly, in most cases it is really difficult to break the code. The first ones were pin codes that were required when your phone was starting. This was actually pretty convenient at the beginning, even before smartphones were invented. But the problem was that your phone was only protected when it was off and the even bigger one was that if you lost your code and typed the wrong one 3 times, you could forget about both your phone and SIM card. After the developers brainstormed a bit, they found out that even better choice than starting pin is the lock screen pin. After the touch screens were invented, developers made another call and made the lock screen working on shapes.

But the real evolution came with fingerprint lock screen. Now, you can tell someone your code as much as they want to hear it, but there is no way they can access any of your files without you touching your smartphone. And what are the 10 best smartphones with fingerprint sensors and how these sensors actually work? Click on the link and find it out.