How Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) Is Playing Games At Right Pace?


After spending nearly nine months in his role as a CEO at Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA), Andrew Wilson opens up during a Bloomberg interview about what has been achieved so far and future plans of the company.

Electronic Arts Inc

Wilson revealed his thoughts about the image that was built in the marketplace that the company has not done all that could be for the player, which led Wilson to reestablish a “player first mentality”. Wilson feels that the improvements made in this direction are going on the right track and is happy with the feedback given by the gaming community. Running through the details, Wilson said that they are announcing and showcasing their future games much more earlier than usual, asking opinions from the gaming community to help build the game like the players want it.

Talking about the marketing opportunities with the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil, the CEO of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) responded affirmatively that they have released FIFA games on consoles. Moreover, the company wants to bring a world cup element in its FIFA games in Korea and China. Altogether, the company is successful in harnessing the excitement of the sport in its games.

With the Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA)’s Star Wars game ready to be released as early as next year, which is also the release year of the film, Wilson explains the company’s strategy about the game that they are developing. Wilson said,

“Many of us grew up with this world, this universe, these characters, and what we really want to do is use the interactive entertainment medium to give people a new way to immerse themselves in a way they would not have been able to do before.It gives the player a chance to interact with it in a very, very different way. Of course, trying to bring the movie in, the concept, but our take is not just to give you a movie game. Ours is to give you a way to step into the star wars universe.”

Wilson says that the company does not want to restrict players to a game, but wants them to be a part of the star wars universe that they can play for five years or so.

Larry Robbins’s Glenview Capital, is on the hedge fund, which holds 4.82 million shares of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA). Next is Blue Mountain Capital, led by Andrew Feldstein And Stephen Siderow, which has a stake of $68.49 million in Electronic Arts, comprised of 2.36 million shares.

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