How Healthy Is Your Country?


While the world has enough resources to sustain a life and the medicine is advancing enough to make your life longer than 100 years, people from some countries are still dying young, and maybe even younger than before. And how healthy is your country?

This actually doesn’t have anything to do with the living standard or how wealthy and advanced the country is, but how do people from their country live. That means measuring nutrition level, sickness, and the stress level since there are more and more younger people who die of heart diseases.

For example, malaria has the great influence on Asian and African countries, while the US is struggling the most with bad nutrition. So how can we determine the healthiest and the unhealthiest country? The first criterium is life expectancy, which includes advanced medical care and developed techniques for fighting against diseases and getting rid of them completely, like Europe and the US did with malaria. The second one is people’s taking care of themselves and maintaining the health as well as the genetics assumption.  That includes exercises, proper nutrition and avoiding damaging substances such as alcohol, which is why Russia can’t take any of the first 15 healthiest countries in the world, and drugs.

Now, look around you and try to guess can your country take any place on the list of the world’s 15 healthiest or 12 unhealthiest countries in the world and after that, click on those links and check whether is your country among healthy ones or not.