How Illiterate Are the African People?


Africa is the real proof that some countries need to stop focusing only on manufacturing in order to increase their economy status and start concentrating on education, which is, by the way, the better parameter when it comes to the country’s success in general. And how exactly illiterate are the African people and why?
Well, for starters, to gain the educational level high enough, the government would have to have enough resources and equipment. Also, there are a lot of financial investment before starting and giving the circumstances, African countries are not that eligible to make the pass to the top that fast, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try. There are many UNESCO’s volunteers that are helping both children and adults to educate themselves in many different fields, so they can advance in their life.
The another problem that appears, when it comes to this matter, is the belief. People in these areas are raised to be that eager towards the education and that is something they are frequently passing their misbeliefs on to next generations. Kids are thought that the labor always beats the education and that the only knowledge they can use in their life is the one they are thought to by life. But they don’t realize how big mistake they are making. The education is a part of a better development of the country in general. Depending on the highly educated population, the economy can grow, as well as the GDP.
To change their opinion, the government needs to make an effort of raising the awareness of this problem as this can actually lead to African countries remaining far behind the US, Europe, and Asia in every way. And just to show you how far this problem has progressed, we dug out Insider Monkey’s list of 16 most illiterate countries in the world, so check them out and together we can raise the Africa from the ashes.