People claim they drink for many different reasons, but the most frequent one is fun. Due to that, people started creating drinking games without any guess of how many drinks can you have in one night without suffering consequences.

According to the research made in the US, 6.7% of the adults admitted they have a drinking problem, while 3.4% of people younger than 20 had that same issue for the past year. During the year of 2014, there were over 88,000 recorded deaths caused by alcohol, but these statistics still aren’t enough for people to stop drinking that much.

As we already mentioned, the highest number of questioners claimed that they didn’t have the drinking problem, but they drank with friends just for fun. As the drinking by itself wasn’t fun enough, people started playing drinking games that became widely spread in all countries. One of the most frequent drinking games ever is ’’Never Have I Ever’’, where people from the circle have to say one state each that have never done before and the ones that did it have to drink. It is like the bottle flip game when we were kids, only with alcohol. When you would ask a stranger in the street to give you one example of these states, they would probably say something like ’’Never have I ever skip the class’’ or ’’Never have I ever crash the party’’, but questions in the game actually go on the whole different level. The result of the game goes in two different directions. The first one is to find out other’s or reveal your own deepest secrets, and the other one is to get that wasted that you can’t remember even your own claims.

Other reasons for drinking are stated to be unresolved problems or too much pressure from society, co-workers or family. And last, but not least, is the relaxation after a long and busy week. This doesn’t sound that harmful if people would know their drinking boundaries. If not, then this relaxation and fun activity can become addiction even worse than drugs. The first thing that will happen is people’s organs start shutting down. The organ that always suffers first is the liver. After that, alcohol will kill the rest of the cells from the stomach, that will leave an open door for infections, hemorrhoids, and in the worst case scenario, cancer. But the worse thing that can and will definitely happen eventually is the killing of the brain cells.

We don’t expect from you to give up alcohol immediately after reading this article, but at least to be careful which drinks and how much would you consume it in next period. This is why we recommend you to take a look at an Insider Monkey’s list article about 10 easiest fifths to drink in one night.