How Many Passengers Can the Biggest Airport in the World Handle on a Daily Basis?


Airports seem to be overbooked and crowded 24/7, which makes you think: how many passengers can the biggest airport in the world handle on a daily basis?

Sometimes, for regular people, it seems like the whole country has entered the airport at once and that they are all probably short of breath because of the entire crowd around them. How can they even walk without bumping into each other all the time? But the airport staff seems to be used to this kind of float every day because they don’t really seem stress out nor short of answers at all. The one more awkward thing is that there are so many people claiming that they are afraid of heights and flights, but are still travelling by airplanes on a regular basis. I, on the other hand, can approach to the airport only to pick up someone and enter a gift shop if I have to and I run out as soon as possible like the demon is behind my feet.

But not everyone is weak like me and they keep airport’s staff as busy as they can. Like the records show, the busiest airport in the world is the Hartsfield-Jacksons Atlanta International Airport. It is spread over about 1,9000 hectares, and, despite the size, which is, believe it or not, in comparison to some major airports the smaller one, welcomes about 104 million passengers each year. Since one of the smaller ones can handle this many people in a year, how much, in your opinion, can 11 biggest airports in the world do? If you are unsure about the answer, click on the link and find out yourself.