How Many Time Did You Break the Law Without Even Realizing It?


Have you ever given a ride to a stranger without any particular reason, just to be a good Samaritan?  But did you know that there is a high chance that you just committed a felony? No? Do you remember how many times did your parents say when you were a kid not to get in a car with a stranger since you can’t be sure who is he and what can he do to you? But this thing goes vice versa. I have to admit that there are many good people looking for a company during the ride or just want to help a stranger. But the truth is, you never know who you’ve picked up. The man sitting right next to you can be a family guy looking for a ride home to his children, but, on the other hand, he can be a robber who just took the cash from some store or robbed a bank. And now, just because you decided to give him a ride for a few blocks, you can be sentenced to prison as an abetter. Now breaking the law seems so easy, right? Let’s find out how many times did you break the law without realizing it.
Police Department is so brutal and, when they decide to find something on you, be sure that they will. Unfortunately for you, the law allows them to use anything against you, which makes you even scared to bread in order to avoid some charges. You can be charged because of the self-defense, you can be even charged for defending your own child. You can be sent to prison if you are trashing the government, you are not even allowed to give your opinion out loud.

Many people can’t afford a new car, which is why there are many car resellers online who can find any car you want for the much lower price. This might sound perfect, but did you know that you can be charged with a big fine and be sentenced to a decade in prison after you have already given away all the cash you had for a car? There are many honest resellers out there, but, like everywhere else, you have to be very careful not to be pulled into some scam. Whenever you find a new car to buy, ask an owner to go to the police with you for a check in order to avoid some unpleasantness in the future. Many scammers have illegal documents for their cars, and when the police discover that the car you are driving is stolen, no one would ask you who you bought it from, but automatically make you a suspect. So, whatever you do, be very careful. These 7 easiest felonies to commit without realizing it are the real proof of how you can end up innocent, but guilty at the same time.