How many unknown heroes are out there?


We all learned in schools about the heroes throughout history, but how many heroes were actually out there? Would you have the guts to risk your life and freedom for someone else? Would you maybe even risk your family to go against the law that you are against of? Every day there are stories about the heroic acts of people who risk like that and don’t matter all the consequences that are waiting for them.  This makes you think that maybe this world we live in is not that bad. Maybe there is a chance for all of us.

If we started doing even little things for each other and help the less fortunate ones, this world would be a lot better place for everyone. There wouldn’t be that high percentage of hunger and poverty in the world and all the kids would have a better future. But mostly, we are all just saying these things in theory, but there is only a few who really act. They help everyone they can with the only reward of knowing they did something good and don’t want anything in return. Those are the people we should admire every day and there should be our and our children’s roll-models no matter what. They, and not rock and pop musicians who get on the cover of the famous magazines based on the scandals and fights.

We all belong to the human species, but just a few people in the world are real humans. With all the disasters nowadays, we forgot how to take care of each other and save the human race. We all know how our ancestors went through wars and lost their loved ones, lost their homes, their childhood because they had to go to the army as kids, but look around us now. We are not in the better positions. The governments made our world like there is the world again. We are all against each other or we just look how to use someone for our own needs. And what about the East countries? There is still the war out there. Many of the citizens left everything they had and escaped in order to save their life’s. But many countries closed their borders because they don’t want to have anything with those immigrants and the countries they escaped from. That’s why they lived on the streets on cold, without any food, clean clothes and fresh water. But there are some people with good hearts who did everything they could to help them.

Our research team created an interesting list of 8 heroic rescue stories throughout history like Cedric Herrou so check it out and remember: this can happen to every one of us.