How Much America Enjoys Sex?


Every TV show shows the American people as too promiscuous and most sexually active people in the world. But how much America enjoys sex in a real life?
Not every American citizen in Samantha and college is not the sequel of the American Pie. People are not that obsessed with sex and they are focused on many serious things than who should they sleep with next. We are not suggesting that the nation is frigid, don’t get us wrong, but none of them is counting the numbers before they get married.
Durex Corporation made a survey regarding this topic, and it turned out that less than a half of people done the survey enjoy their sex life completely. Still, 60% admitted that sex is a big part of their life and that most of the time it is enjoyable for them. Of course, this feeling is stronger with men than women, but still.
As previously mentioned, America is misunderstood by the rest of the world because of the famous shows that present both women and men of all age with numerous partners and multiple orgasms. Although there are many nymphomaniacs out there, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any other interests. In fact, America is said to be one of the top countries where people are rather giving up sex and relationships than careers. Many people are nowadays chasing their dream jobs and growing their name in some field of industry, then deciding to be a parent, which is why the birth rate is rapidly decreasing in the last couple of years.
But in order not to be that big of pessimists, let’s take a look at 11 most sexually active states in America that Insider Monkey found for us.