Rolex is a multimillion dollar watch company that has been on the top of the most prestigious manufacturers for many decades. Their products sometimes can cost more than a car, which is why any owner of the Rolex should be proud of himself if he has something that valuable around his ankle. And how much did the proud owner of the most expensive Rolex watch spend on it?
Like the cars, old watches are much more financially appreciated than the new ones. Of course, when we say old, we don’t mean 2011 old. We are here talking about the first half of 20th century. So if you have found grandfather’s old watch and meaning to throw it away, think again. Someone trashing the dumpster could end up richer than everyone you’ve ever known based on something that collected dust on your attic until recently. How rich, you asked? Well, the most valuable Rolex wrist watch ever is the Antimagnetique Reference 4113 which dates a long time ago, back from 1942. This extremely beautiful and valuable item that cost only a few hundreds back in 1950’s is now estimated to be worth $2,500,000.
People that believe that their worth is estimated by the size of the house or the car that they are driving are wrong. The smaller the detail is, the bigger the value. At least in this case.
If you have started a new business, try measuring your success. Papers won’t work in this case. They are all just bunch of numbers that would pale in a couple of years. Remember this: until you enter your bank account and find out that you can afford at least Rolex Day-Date automatic-self-wind Men’s Watch without feeling it, you’ve got nothing. I always say that money can’t buy you happiness or health (unless you run into some doctor who can’t help you unless they see a full bag of cash), but the money can definitely buy you Rolex. If you think that it is not worth it, ask some of the owners of these 25 most expensive Rolex watches ever sold!