How Much Do Firefighters Earn?


Firefighters are a great addition to every community and their jobs are sometimes more important than doctor’s. They keep us and our loved ones safe and they even save the cutest kittens from the trees. But how much do firefighters earn for risking their lifes?
You can’t disagree with me when I say that there isn’t salary high enough for people who gamble with their life to keep total strangers alive. Firefighters are superheroes that should enjoy the respect of every living being on Earth, including yours. They are strong, they are fearless, they are brave, they are athletes, they are climbers, and, unfortunately, they are really underpaid for the job they are doing. According to the United States Department of Labor, the average annual salary for firefighters is $49,330, which means that they are paid about $24 per an hour. But, despite the obviously too low incomes for what they are doing for the community and the whole world in general, there are 318,790 firefighters in the US only. According to the majority of them, the highest award for them is seeing people they’ve rescued, and especially children, happy to be alive and continue with their life. Most of the firefighters are also joining many fund raising and charity work for the less fortunate one. Aren’t they angels or what?
Fortunately for them, there are countries that respect their risky work and their government is willing to pay their heroes up to $40 per an hour. This still isn’t enough given the fact that every day at work can be some of their last day on Earth, but it is still better than risking your life for $15, especially if you have family behind you that you need to support financially.
This is why we will like to honor our superheroes at least with the article of 25 best states for firefighters that Insider Monkey’s research team prepared. It isn’t much, but we still wanted to show you that we appreciate everything you do for us. And this is the best of us.


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