How Much Does the Night Life Cost?


The cost of the night life depends on the variety of factors. The money you will be spending on a Saturday night depends on the activities you were planning and, of course, the money you have.
Obviously, people who enjoy buying a beer and sitting on a square or in the park with some friends with the music of the guitar rather than going to a fancy restaurant followed by going to a prestigious nightclub will spend far less money than the ones enjoying the full service. Of course, if you prefer dancing over any other activity and refuse to dance by yourself in your room, you will need to prepare a bit more money than you have expected. You will need money for a cab because you don’t want to drive drunk through the crowd and risk your and other people’s life. Remember, you will be paying double, because you will need to take a cab to get back home, so it would be better to put some cash aside and forget about it until it’s time to go home. Then, there is the money you need to prepare for the entrance and the money for drink and food since you are going to be exhausted after all the partying. But mostly, it depends on the night club you will be going to. In order to avoid the ones that will take your whole salary, Insider Monkey’s research team found the 11 most expensive nightclubs in America for you. Of course, you might want to brag about being the part of an elite. Either way, this article will do the job.