How Much Money Can Audiologists Earn?


It might not seem like it, but audiology is a big part of medicine. Not just that audiologists are specialized in a hearing by itself, but also all of the disorders that may come along with it, like balance and headaches. And how much money can audiologists earn on their specialty?
This may come as a surprise, but America doesn’t have that many experts in this area. The reason for this might lie in the fact that the majority of people who have a problem with hearing are old people who either don’t want to be cured or are just too old for it. Most of the time, people are successfully managing this problem with the devices that are sending the sound waves into their ear and help them feel better.
But audiology isn’t just about old people who can’t hear well. The center for balance is also in the ear and, when it becomes messed up, audiologists are the right doctors to fix the problem.
But audiology is still not rising, giving the whole US medical department only 12,070 medical practitioners in this area. The US government’s medical department hopes that, due to the increased number of retirees who have problems with hearing, this specialty should be rising from the ashes by the year 2024.
According to the United States Department of Labor, the average annual salary for audiologists in 2016 was $77,420, which means about $37,22 per an hour. Of course, if you have choose the audiology as your major, there are couple of things you should consider when looking for a job. The first one is , of course, the wage. Someone would say that this is enough, but there is one more thing you should take into consideration that will influence your incomes a lot and that’s the average cost of living. There isn’t a big earning if you earn $2,240 per a week and at the end of the week, you end up spending $1,900. Take Washington as an example. The truth is that Washington is said to be one of the most suitable state for audiologists. But if you take a look at their cost of living index, which is about $105,2, you will see why the hourly wage of $40,83 didn’t put Washington in the top 5 states for audiologists. On the other hand, Washington has 420 audiologists in their employee database, which is something you should also take under consideration when it comes to finding a job in your specialty. To help you out a bit, Insider Monkey’s research team compiled a list of 25 best states for audiologists where they collected all the pieces of information you will be needing when finding the perfect place to start your career.