It is happening every night. But even though we are kind of used to it, it is still one of the strangest things. While men all dressed in jeans and some nice shirts, looking out to have a good time, girls, on the other hand, make a competition which one looks the most beautiful. When you look at some of them, the first question that occurs to you is how many layers of makeup these girls have right now. Most of them don’t even leave their houses to go to the store without any makeup at all. So how much money girls spend on makeup on annual basis?

Jewelry is girl’s best friend. Or at least they say so. But why do they spend so much time with their makeup instead? Girls want to take everyone’s breath away, so it is either with their personalities or with makeup. And let’s be real, makeup is a much easier solution, especially on a night out. You can charm someone during the conversation, but in a full club, no one will hear a thing and there is not a man who will approach to some girl just because they assume based on nothing that she has a pleasant personality. The first impression is everything and the only way to make a first impression when you are out at the club is looking great. This is every girl’s motto, which is why they took so much time to prepare to go out. This means, every day: conditioner, mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss or lipstick, depending on the girl, and maybe some eyeshadow. The amount of makeup depends on the period of the day, and, when it comes to weekends, some particular party or a prom, the amount of makeup is proportional to the importance of the event.

And how does it affect their wallets? Well, it all depends on the makeup brand they are using. If they use some professional makeup for an everyday makeover, then it is obvious that someone’s monthly salary went with the wind.  On the other hand, there are girls who prefer higher quality, but cheaper brands and these ones are the keepers. If you met a new girl and it was about time that she welcomes you in her house, check her makeup bags and compare her everyday products with our list of 11 most expensive makeup brands in the world. If her bag is overfilled with these products, trust us, run for your life.