How Much Money Were the Most Expensive Shoes in the World Sold For?


One room filled with shoes is every girl’s dream and all of them imagine themselves one day living like Sarah Jessica Parker in her dream shoe world with no cost limits. But the reality seems to be against their love towards shoes because no one can give up their two months’ salary for one pair of shoes if there are far cheaper, but without the world famous name attached to it. Or someone can? Many celebrities and Daddy’s Little Girls prefer the brand name over the quality and there is no money they won’t give for a piece of clothes or pair of shoes. Do you know how much money were the most expensive shoes in the world sold for? Believe it or not, the most expensive shoes in the world are worth $4 million!

Crazy, right? I don’t get it, are they made of gold? Well, yes, exactly the gold. But ask also about the diamonds and sapphires cause we have a shocking answer to that too. The whole sneakers are made of blue, gold, and white color, so there are blue sapphires, 18 karat gold, and white diamonds all over the shoes. There is also gold hang tag that contains the names of two big companies that teamed up to create this piece of art, Mache Customs and Bicion.

So, let’s be realistic. If someone was clever enough to give this amount of money for this kind of shoes, what would you do with them? I guess walking the dog is out. Wearing them to the club? Yes, right. And if someone steps on their feet, which will probably happen as soon as they enter the club? Should they kill them or make them pay? Well, if someone asked me to pay for their sneakers this much, I don’t believe that they could avoid some facility for mental diseases.

But, like I always say, we are not all the same and some people probably don’t take me for serious or sane as well. So how much money are people exactly willing to spend on one pair of shoes? And would you give this amount of money for some of the 25 most expensive shoes in the world?


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