How Much Profit the Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Make?


As the medicine is the essential need, there is no room for thinking about the whole industry ever fall apart. But this is not the case with pharmaceutical companies as their existence mostly depends on the way they do their business. While there are plenty pharmaceutical companies that are slowly shutting down, there are also the ones that are there for generations and their way of doing business has made them on the top of the list of both pharmaceutical industry as well as the global financial business. Which pharmaceutical companies are on that stable market and how much profit the biggest pharmaceutical companies make?

Every pharmaceutical sector makes a great influence on society, whether we are talking about regular cosmetics or the medicine for deadly diseases and conditions. This market stability goes far back in the past and it is promised not to ever disappear due to people’s every day’s needs of every kind of drug. The biggest pharmaceutical companies are mostly placed in the US and Europe and their growth is always slow but secured by the investments and their precise strategy elaboration as well as the budget. On the other hand, I am not sure if it has anything to do with their making on the market top, but all of the biggest companies pay a dividend every year. On the other hand, the thing that definitely makes big companies great as they are the great R&D expertise. Although big companies higher their prices lately, which made them highly incompatible to be used in the third world’s countries as well as the other not that financially greater ones.

The pharmaceutical companies that can say that it definitely has it all is the company from the US, McKesson Corporation, with their total annual revenue of $189,1 billion. They also took fourteenth place on the list of companies with the highest profit last year, with the reported profit of $2 billion. Besides distribution, they have McKesson Technology Solution segment that provides software, automation, and consulting services for hospitals and physicians. To see the rest of the 11 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, click on the provided link.