Each Sunday, families are putting on nice clothes, clear their minds and go to the church. They meet other families dedicated to religion as well, but are they that religious on the other days of the week as well? Have you ever run into their son on a Friday night? Was he all about praying or preaching? I doubt it. But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe in the Holly Spirit. But there are certain families that don’t, or at least some of their member doesn’t. These family members you either won’t ever run into on a Sunday morning or they will be dragged into the church against their will. Believing in God is optional and we have to accept and respect the people that don’t have faith in Him. We all know that each religion is a few millennia old, but how old the atheism is?
The answer to the question of atheism’s age is simple. How long do people who believe in God or multiple Gods exist, that long person who don’t believe in God or Gods exist? It is said that both belief and disbelief started with Ancient Greeks, which is why there were many atheists in that time since people were obsessed with philosophy, and there weren’t many philosophers who tried to explain things using the facts that were mixed with the beliefs based on some kind of fairytales.
Atheism comes in the variety of ways. There are people with just the lack of belief, there are people believing in science only, and there are people hating everything, including the religion and religious people. The last ones aren’t clear about their opinion and there are not that many people understanding them. But it’s the way they roll and, as long as they don’t tease with you, don’t tease with them either. And if you thought that the atheism is a modern thing that is starting to be accepted worldwide like a trend, think again. Or better, take a look at these top 10 ancient atheist philosophers and their quotes on Insider Monkey’s portal and try saying it again.