How to Catch a Text or Phone Liar?


Psychiatrist revealed us a couple of secrets how to recognize when people are not telling us the truth. There can be shaking, looking at the side, leaning on the right side, nervous smiling and overall nervous et cetera, which is why many people avoid eye contact nowadays and when we add the mobile and internet development, we get texting instead of living talk as a result. This type of communication makes it a lot easier to lie to someone since they can’t either see or hear you. But what if we told you that we found a way to catch a text or phone liar? Actually, not one, but 12 ways to tell if someone is lying over the phone or text, to be more precise.

To be honest, ways of catching face-to-face and phone and text liars are very similar, especially if the live conversation over the phone is on. Sometimes, it can be easier to catch a liar over the phone, than in face-to-face conversation because when you are talking over the phone, you are a lot more concentrated on the voice by itself, than the whole construction.

The first and most obvious indicator that someone lies to you is changing the subject in any matter. The subjects don’t need to be that much different, like if the cop would ask a burglar whether he stole something from someone’s house and he starts talking about the new ice-cream flavors. Unless they want to be marked as crazy in order to get some smaller punishment for his act. But if you have asked someone whether they were in some place at some time with some specific person and they start talking about the new coffee shop in that street, without even bothering to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, then you have a reason to be suspicious.
If they want to leave the conversation as soon as you ask them something or try to rush things to quit on you as soon as possible. And why is that? Well, as soon as we feel like we can get in some kind of trouble, no matter if it would be some big trouble or just someone getting mad at us, we unconsciously start making up things to get their goodwill and sometimes to make ourselves look like victims. The main problem appears when the lies are already told and there is no way that the words can be taken away. Then, there are going to be more and more lies, until the liar by himself falter and lose himself in his lies.

Next time you have some doubt in someone’s text or call, try paying attention to some of these 12 ways to tell if someone is lying over the phone or text. But be careful. People are sometimes just clumsy when talking to other people and sometimes they are in a real hurry. So double-check everything before the assault.