Every new survey comes up with a new, increased number of cheaters and it is estimated that there are between 30% and 60% married people who had or still has an affair. If we would spread the survey on relationships, we assure you that this number would be even bigger. People cheat for all kind of different reason, but one always stands: they aren’t satisfied in their marriage. It is as simple as that. If we would go into a deeper concern, we would find that those dissatisfactions could be sexual, frequent fights, and monotonic life. Not that often, but it still remains as a reason why people start an affair is sexual experimenting. Because of the respects towards husband or a wife, a person tries to find some unknown person who would satisfy their fantasies and wishes. Sometimes that’s a professional (read: prostitutes) and sometimes it is just a random person from the bar. The other reason why people cheat is the excitement of being caught. Like Eve and forbidden apple.

The second thing that has to be mentioned here is how we perceive cheating. Someone would say that any physical contact such as kiss and intercourse is cheating, but what about flirting? Even though many would say that it has nothing to do with real cheating, they are all offended when they find flirty messages. And let’s be honest: before even considering a relationship, we all flirted a bit, and that harmless flirt led us to be, at the first sight, happily a married couple. Having that said, I have to notice that in 90% of cases, flirting leads to some physical contact whatsoever. And yes, we should be afraid when we see some messages like that.

With the development of social media, it became even harder to prevent yourself from being cheated on since there are so many options online. When accessing some of those social media apps, you automatically get the access to people from every city and the country in the world. The truth is that many can’t resist and that’s why the percentage of cheaters is that high.

And how to prevent cheating? In my opinion, there isn’t any solution for this problem. If someone wants to cheat- they will cheat no matter what. Ok, there is an option of tying them in your basement, but that is sick.  If you ask me, the only way to make your husband or wife wanting you and no one else besides you is to always try to keep your marriage fresh, spicy and innovative. That way you can prevent dissatisfaction and boredom and hopefully, your marriage will last forever. On the other hand, if you are a bit suspicious, check out the article that will show you how to tell if someone is cheating on you on Facebook.