How to Decorate Your Flat with Indoor Flowers?


When you want to renew your flat or just to add some life to it, bright colorful flowers are a perfect solution. And how to decorate your flat with indoor flowers? You can pick some on your way to work and put it in a vase when you get home, or you can simply plant one that will grow in your house and you don’t have to take care of it that often.

The picked up flowers are the perfect table decoration. Whether it is lunch or dinner time, or like an everyday decoration. If you even manage to choose the right vase, then you definitely scored. When talking about plantings, they are perfect for empty corners. First of all, they don’t take much space, but on the other hand, they fill the blank spaces in your home. Also, instead of just putting white, boring curtains, you can decorate your window by adding some plants on it and it will look perfect from both inside and outside.

The problem is that many plants are seeking for fresh air and lot of sun, and they can die very soon if you keep them indoors. No matter how hard you try to give them enough light and water, there is nothing you can do to help them survive if you put them inside. Those are often season plants, as they froze to death every winter and all you are left with is the ground.

But since there are lots of benefits to keep an indoor plant, since they release oxygen and gather carbon dioxide, and affects your life physically and mentally. Luckily, as any other living creature, flowers have the great ability of adaption, which is why Insider Monkey’s research team gathered around 10 easiest flowers to grow indoors. So take a good look at our list and pick one of the flowers to begin with. If you manage to keep it alive long enough, there is no need for you to stop planting more.