How To Decorate Your Micro Apartment?


There are just a few bold ones who are willing to take a risk and basically make mansions out of 180 to 300 square apartments. Believe it or not, this can really happen. With good arrangements and decorative and innovative mind, you can really decorate your micro apartment so it can adjust all your needs and have the better function than 1500 squares. And do you know how to decorate your micro-apartment?If you search through Youtube and brainstorm some ideas on your own, your one-room living space can easily become the bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room and work office- all in one.

The most usual way to make your micro apartment more functional are foldable beds and tables. You unfold them when you need them, and later on, when you wake up or finish your dinner or your work, just lift them against or literally into the wall.

But, if you have a bit more cash on your account and a little more inspiration, you can make your micro apartment such a high-tech that you would be admiring yourself every time you enter your room.  Like for example Gary Chang and his 24 in 1 apartment. His 344 square feet (or 34 square meters) room has 24 movable pieces, each of them representing the new usable room with all needed accessories. Every piece is a size of a bookshelf and it is easily moved back and forward through the apartment. This way, from only one room he got the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, work office,  bath, wardrobe, library, guest bedroom, a spa, movie theater, shower with color therapy and massage that doubles as a steam room and the storage space as much as he needed.

Besides him, there are many others that, with their micro apartment’s designs, proved that less is actually more. Christian Schallert made his empty box loft into a lego-styled apartment. Don’t get me wrong, not with lego toys, but the closet. You still didn’t understand me, right? Let me explain. When you enter Christian’s apartment, only things you’ll see are the shower cabin, different sizes commodes over the entire wall and wooden stairs that lead to the balcony. But those three things actually represent the entire flat that includes the bathroom, shower, kitchen, kitchen cabins, wardrobe, bedroom, bedroom cabins, dinner table for four, couch, drawers, refrigerator, bookshelves and the oven.  Wanna know how? Find it all out on InsiderMonkey’s article ’’10 tiniest micro apartments and floor plans in the world’’.


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