How to Draw Fruits?


As you may notice, in all art classes, the first projects are lines and fruit. The most usual way of fruit art is when you tutor puts a chair with a vase and a bowl and couple of fruit such as apple, orange, banana, or grape. So how to draw a fruit?

As funny as it seems, but knowing to draw a fruit is a very important skill. Whether you want to become an artist, or maybe a teacher, or just if you have kids, you need to know how to draw some fruit. As the fruit comes in a different shape and color, it is the simplest way for the artists to get to know the structures and spectrum of colors for their next masterpieces. On the other hand, drawing fruits as well as flowers and houses are the basic kid’s drawings, which is why you need to know how to help them and how to teach them the difference between the fruits in the cold winter days when all the fruits are just naked trees. Yes, the internet may be the easier way, but if you look in your child’s  nature, you will realize that children learn best in the practice and while they look at you doing something.

Ever since the first cave drawings were discovered and until now, every artist uses fruits to express their feelings. As they are that color- and shape-flexible, by drawing 10 simple apples, you manage to express 10 different inner states of your current mental and physical condition. This is why art is very important subject even for the psychology students.

Still, no matter how basic this kind of drawing is, there are still some shapes and figures that are not that easy to draw, which is why Insider Monkey’s research team compiled a list of 7 easiest fruit to draw, so check them out and you may become the next Michelangelo.