How to find the perfect part-time job as a high school student in NY?



  1. While you are in high school, your allowance mostly depends on your parents and it’s Christmas time when some faraway relative or grandparents visit. But if you look around, there are lots of opportunities you can catch to earn your own money without having to beg your parents for $20 just to have some drinks with your friends. There is a wide range of opportunities for teens to get serious cash, especially in the big cities such as New York, where they can also balance between their social and school life with new work.

If you decide to start the financial life on your own, there are certain things you should pay attention to when it comes to finding the perfect job. First of all, your work time should be flexible in order to finish all of your school chores. Besides, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that student’s grade could decrease from A to C during the working period. On the bright side, as a student, you are allowed to work 6 days a week, but not more than 28 hours overall. That means that if your organizational skills are good, neither your social nor school life will suffer if you find the good-paid job.

The second thing you should pay attention to is a pay range. Most employers will try to take advantage of your lack of experience and give you the minimal wage which wouldn’t be enough even for a monthly school lunch. Don’t be fooled by this, since there are several high-paying jobs for students where you can also learn new things and improve skills that you already have.

Like the adults, you won’t be doing any good work if you don’t have any interest in it. The job you should be searching for has to make you motivated and productive, by being educative and/or fun. If you apply for a job in an animal shelter, how could you even think of skipping one day of work when there are dozens of cute puppies, kittens, and hamsters waiting to be fed, bath or just petted?

So, if you are serious in your intention of becoming a serious high school worker living in the NY, try out some of this 16 part-time jobs in New York City for high school students.