How To Hide Your Messages on Android and iPhone?


If you are sick and tired of someone checking your messages all the time, then read this article about how to hide your messages on Android and iPhone.

When first phones were developed, it became easier to connect to others by calling their phones when they are not at home or just text them when they don’t have time to talk. On the other hand, it became more difficult to hide stuff from others.

Two most common examples of the checking messages are parents, checking on their kids’ phone and sometimes jealous lovers. And why do people do that? Sometimes it is the lack of trust. We all went through the puberty and know how stressful this period is for both parents and children. There are fights all the time, chasing, secrets, and how many cases of children escaping home you heard about? In this period, children hide almost everything from their parents, which is why their parents call for desperate measures to realize what their children are going through.

On the other hand, there are couples who can’t stand knowing everything about their ’’better half’’. Sometimes, this is because they had past experience with cheating, were cheating or were cheated on. Sometimes, there is a change in their partner’s behavior. And sometimes, they are just paranoid.

Since I know some ways people were tracking down other’s actions, I can’t stop wondering how did they do it in the past. Except following someone and hiring someone to follow, I can’t think of any other way. But nowadays, people became so paranoid that many app and program developers found the perfect way of cashing their knowledge. Therefore, you may find online so many spy programs and apps that can help you track everything down, from someone’s calls and texts to their location. Those programs are actually marked as programs for tracking your own device and saving all their data, but they were more frequently used as spy programs.  But, we will get to that in some other article. Now, we will concentrate on hiding your messages and Insider Monkey has the great article for 9 iPhone and Android secret messaging apps to hide text from a girlfriend. Yes, the headline has the word ’’girlfriend’’, but the purpose of those apps remain the same whether the world ’’girlfriend’’ is replaced with ’’boyfriend’’, ’’parents’’ or if the last two words are completely deleted.