Since the scandal back in 2014 when the National Security Agency (NSA) collected 200 million text messages from all the people from all around the world, no matter whether they were suspicious or not, people became eager to find the perfect way to keep their privacy safe. On the other hand, there were app developers who saw this as a perfect opportunity to improve their social apps and answer the questions how to keep your texts from curious eyes.

We were all used to be checked by our love ones like parents, siblings, sometimes friends and most frequently, boyfriends or girlfriends, but this problem could be easily resolved by deleting messages, of if they are important, by putting some lock pin on your smartphone. This topic wouldn’t even be opened in a while since we were all aware that all of our messages were seen by at least one person besides the person we sent it to, but honestly, who would pay attention if someone would read your messages like ‘’Would you like a drink’’, ‘’Let’s go out tonight’’, ‘’Coffee time at 6?’’ But when it was revealed that the NSA that supposed to protect us, are actually monitoring as, like any other criminal, this question became the subject of many controversies. This way, reading other people messages went to a whole new, or let us say national level. By the time the dust settled, app developers didn’t lose time but find the way for everyone to secure themselves.

I was pretty surprised when I noticed that during one of my conversations on WhatsApp popped up a note ‘’end to end encryption’’.  I knew that WhatsApp wanted to make sure that everyone’s messages and calls remain private, but, as everything else, I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. As I am a big fan of both WhatsApp and Viber and I use them frequently, soon after I noticed that pop-up on my WhatsApp app, I noticed the same feature on Viber. I believe that both of them are doing their best to make everyone’s privacy safe, but on the other hand, I still think that someone will find the way to take at least a peek in our private conversations. Unlike me, Insider Monkey research team claims that there are even 8 safest apps to send private and secure messages, so check them out and see for yourself.