How to Make Money as a High School Student?


We understand that you all need money and that you all feel better if you can join increasing household profit while working, rather than spending the money your parents earned hardly this month. Or you just want to have your allowance without asking from your parents each time you want to go out. But you are still a minor and finding a job is not something that happens as soon as you walk into some company. So what we want to do today is to help you with some tricks how to make money as a high school student, but without doing anything illegal.

Most of your peers have the fake IDs now. If you are still not one of them, keep it that way. Fake IDs might seem cool, but they are illegal. You don’t want to go there, trust me. And to be honest, the only things you will do with them is to buy alcohol or enter some club. First of all, both can wait and if you really want to try some beverage, ask your parents or someone’s older brother to sneak you in some beer to try. You will have the rest of your life to become alcoholic if you want to, but be as young as you can for now. No rush. Also, if someone says that it will be easier for you to find a job if people think that you are over 18, turn around and walk away. Finding a job is difficult enough for both teens and adults. The only difference is the field you could work in and the time you will spend on work. In both cases here teens have the advantage. How so? Well, if you are still a high school student, no employer will hire you if all the job openings require being 10 hours in the office. Also, for some lighter job, everyone will hire students so they can help them grow up a bit and teach them from basics. If you represent yourself as an adult, you will be already required to have some previous experience and to already know some things. If not, guess whose job will be available again?
Also, most of your peers that say that they are already in business are mostly doing something illegal. Again, it may seem cool, but there are much more problems than perks. Turn your head. Walk away. You might end up earning less than them, but at least you will have clean money and non-paranoid life. So here are some tips how to make money in high school legally.