How To Make the Most Out of Social Media?


Many would say that technology distances us from humanity, but, like everything else, there are two sides of every story. Surely, you can spend all day on your phone, scrolling through facebook, twitter, and Instagram to see other people’s posts and get practically nothing done for that day. However, there is a way to make the time spent on social media’s not completely wasted.

Since previously mentioned social media’s are spread worldwide, by using them, you can meet a bunch of different people and their culture, and learn about their tradition and habits. So, instead of looking at your friend’s pictures from the bathroom, having that said, I have to say that I still have no idea what is with people and the bathroom, you can increase your circle of friends. However, you should be very careful, since there are face accounts in every chat app or a social media in general, and you don’t want to put yourself in some dangerous situation. But, the thing is that you have more than 70% chances to meet interesting people with common interests who can become one of your closest friends.

In order to make this even easier, app developers brainstormed some ideas and came to the perfect solution how to find new friends. Since they have already made tons of dating apps to help you find your soul-mate, they realized that they can also make an app that will connect people, but on the different level. Some of them are just dating apps upgraded with an option of finding new friends, and some of them are developed specifically for that purpose. You can set the filter to find people or even groups with common interests, location etc. My personal favorite is Skout. Not because of the accounts or design, but because of the ’’shake’’ option. That work this way: when you shake your phone, the app randomly chooses someone who did the same at that moment and connects you two immediately, so you basically don’t need to have anything in common with that person, but it may turn out that it has a Jing-Jang effect. If you aren’t bought by this one, try some from Insider Monkey’s list 16 apps for meeting cool people and making friends near me and find your new friends without any effort.


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